Flexiprobe – Portable Inspection System

flexiprobeTarget: Sewers, Drains, Ducts (Inspection)

Radiodetection’s rugged P340+ pushrod inspection system can be used in a wide range of Pipeline Inspection applications – from domestic to industrial.
Featuring a built-in Lithium-Ion battery P340+ Controller records high quality digital video or images with a single button press, and display them on an ultra-bright 8” TFT screen. Advanced digital capabilities mean that users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording to focus in on problem areas. The P340+ system can be adapted to many different inspection requirements:

Choice of 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm), ultra-durable cameras. The 2″ (50mm) camera is self-levelling, always keeping the video picture upright when navigating a pipe and a range of 5 different reels from the extra-flexible 100’ (30m) P340+ Plumbers reel to the 500’ (150m) P343 reel.

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P350 Flexitrax – Modular Crawler System

flexitraxTarget: Sewers, Drains, Ducts (Inspection)

Crawler system operators often face a choice between portability with limited functionality, or complex and bulky systems for bigger pipes. Pearpoint’s P350 system features intuitive joystick controls and a remote-controlled powered elevator. It delivers a durable, modular system that is capable of centered inspection in large pipes, but is also highly portable for easy transport.

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Handmatic – Drain Cleaner

HandmaticTarget: Sewers, Drains, Ducts (Inspection)

The HandMatic is an electric spring machine, which is suitable for cleaning drains up to 75 mm. The HandMatic can be delivered, inclusive of drill (non hammer action), or as a set-up unit which is suitable for any type of drill (with forward and reverse facility).

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Allround – Drain Cleaner

AllroundTarget: Sewers, Drains, Ducts (Inspection)

The new modern spring machine is a real wizard which combines all the benefits of the old Allround (the most popular cable machine in Europe) with new product advantages. The weight of the new Allround+ has decreased by 28%, making it easy to lift but it is still strong and robust. The Allround+ is very compact, easy to transport and the large wheels make easy work of all types of stairs.

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Sonde – Transmitting Sonde

sondeTarget: Sewers, Ducts, Drains (Non Metallic Pipe Tracing)

Used to locate buried plastic Water Pipes, Gas Pipes and any other non-magnetic utility, Sondes are self-contained transmitters that are used with our cable and pipe locators.

Sondes are typically attached to a Flexrod, pushed along the pipe, and the position of the sonde detected from above ground. The Flexitrace product allows the entire path of the pipe to be located, rather than just the end. Blockages can be located by pushing until the sonde stops, and then locating that position.

Radiodetection’s range of sondes and associated accessories, including Flexrods and FlexiTraces, can be used in tracing the paths of pipes, ducts, sewers and drains, and in the precise location of blockages or collapses.

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CAT4 – Cable Avoidance Tool

cat4Target: Cable (Location), Pipes (Metal Gas, Metal Water), Telecoms, Electrical

C.A.T4® and Genny4® products provide a comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools helping professionals to drive best locating practice, to reduce the number of cable strikes, and to dig more safely.

The C.A.T4 is the standard model of the range. Using it with the Genny4 transmitter, experienced operators will be able to find more buried utilities, faster.

This model is equipped with an automatic recording system which stores up to 2 years’ worth of usage data in its internal memory. Data can be later retrieved and analysed using a USB lead and a PC.

This model adds GPS position to the usage data recorded. Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless transfer of usage data to the C.A.T Manager Online cloud based system for near real-time monitoring of operators’ performance.

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RD1500 – Ground Penetrating Radar

rd1000Target: Pipes (Plastic Gas), Ducts Drains, Sewers

RD1500 takes subsurface investigations to the next level, offering users Depth Slices as well as Line Views.  These allow the user to review slices of the subsurface at different depths, displaying cables, pipes and other utilities in unprecedented clarity.

The RD1500 features internal GPS, on-board Wi-Fi, a high resolution touch screen as well as the proprietary FrequenSee™ technology which selectively enhances small/shallow, medium size/depth, or large/deep targets, or even all at once, for easier viewing and detection.

Mini reports can be generated and delivered directly from the survey site by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or by using a cell phone as a hotspot. Data can also be exported to a USB memory stick.

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