RD7200 RD8200 – Precision Locating

rd7000Target: Cable (Identification), Pipes (Location), Electrical (Sheath Faults, Shorts), Pipes (Metal Gas, Metal Water), Telecoms

Designed with operators in mind, the new RD8200 and RD7200 and their transmitters are our most advanced cable range of precision locators yet.The RD8200 and RD7200 offer a set of new features to improve operational efficiency and adherence to best practice, including built-in gyroscopic measurement system, which alerts the user of excessive swing, driving correct usage,new waterproof speaker housing, positioned to provide maximum feedback to the operator and tuned for optimum resonance for the frequency tones chosen. Five power output levels assist technicians working in challenging environments. The locator handle vibrates when alerts activate, leaving the operator to concentrate on the job at hand.

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