Aqua M50 – Leak Detector

aquaM50Target: Water Pipes (Location, Leak Detection)

The Aqua-M50D is applied in the water supply business to pre-locate (testrod) leaks. Due to its handy size, this measuring instrument is especially well suited to listen to water meters. The Aqua M50 is supplied with a number os attachments for getting into small tight spaces.

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Aqua M200 – Leak Detector

aquaM200DTarget: Water Pipes (Leak Detection)

The Aqua-M200D is used in the water supply business to pre-locate (testrod) and to calibrate leakages (geophone). In combination with the Pulse Wave Generator (PWG), it can also be applied to trace the run of a pipeline. The testrod has been specially developed and features an extremely high sensitivity. It has been designed to detect even minute leakages. The variable testrod is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and to systematically check pipeline network sections. The sheltered ground pick-up is capable of pinpointing leakages. The tripod can be mounted on a magnet thus enabling the operator to carry out measurements on soft ground.

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Aqua M300 – Leak Detector

aqua300Target: Target Plastic Pipes (Location), Water Pipes (Leak Detection)

The Aqua M300 facilitiates the pinpointing of leaks both acoustically and using tracer gas. This system combines both to allow the user to trace even the smallest of leaks while also allowing long term measurements.

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Lokal300 – Correlator

Lokal300Target: Pipes (Leak Detection)

The Lokal 300 Correlator is used for locating leaks on drinking water systems. The simple operation allows even unskilled opertors to successfully locate leaks. The pressurized medium inside the pipe generates a leakage-borne noise at the leakage spot. This noise travels in both directions through the pipe and is detected by highly sensitive sensors which are mounted at accessible places such as hydrants, valves etc..

The amplified pick-up signal is radio-transmitted to the central unit and displayed by the LCD.

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Gascheck H2 – Water Leak Detector

Gascheck-H2Target: Water Pipes, Plastic Pipes (Leak Detection)

With the Gas-Check-H2 even tiny little leakages can be pinpointed. Hydrogen diffuses through almost any material due to its molecular size. The pipeline section to be checked is filled entirely with gas, and the pressure is increased slowly until the measurement varies according to the size of the leakage, the kind of soil, and the surface structure.

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